This month we chatted with Nikki of States of Style and asked her to share her top fashion tips and influences for the coming season. 

What inspired you to start your blog States of Style?

Michelle and I were both wanting a creative outlet. We were both working Monday-Friday and felt as though we needed something a little more nourishing to the soul. As we both loved fashion, blogging seemed like the natural option!

Who is your biggest style icon/influence? 

For me it’s Erin Wasson. Every time I see her I think ‘If only I could be that cool’. We were lucky enough to meet her through VAMFF this year and I went red in the ears from the nervous excitement.

Your favourite outfit ever?

My Vintage Chanel dress. Black linen with gold buttons that I am terrified of losing. Ul-ti-mate!

Nikki's favourite outfit
Stay up to date with Nikki's favourite outfits on Insta! @statesofstyleaus 

Must have item for Winter? 

Black leather jacket. I wear them with everything from formal dresses, to ripped up jeans.

Nikki wears our Navy Braided Lace Dress & her own leather jacket.
Nikki wears Nicholas 'Navy Braided Lace Dress' & Olga Berg Clutch from Her Wardrobe. Leather jacket is her own. 

What do you love about renting designer fashion? 

Her Wardrobe allows us to have access to dresses that we may not be able to justify buying for that one special event. Being able to wear such amazing designer pieces without having to give up eating for a month is a win in our books any day of week!

Nikki wears our Halter Plunge Gown
 Nikki wears Nicholas 'Halter Plunge Gown' & Olga Berg Clutch from Her Wardrobe. 



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