10 Tips for the Best Girl's Night Out

  1. Be Ready for an All Nighter!
    We recommend getting plenty of sleep before a Girls Night Out so that you aren’t caught yawning all night. You want to be the one on the dance floor, not the one hanging out for someone to share a ride home with.
  1. Have A Plan to Get Home
    That means topping up your Myki or setting up an Uber account beforehand so that you can split the fare in a cinch.

  2. Don’t Message your SO the whole time.
    Let’s be honest, they don’t need a running commentary of your entire evening and your friends are here to see you, not the crown of your head as you hunch over your phone all night. Focus on your friends and the cocktail menu instead.

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  1. It’s a Girl’s Night, which means it’s not about the Boys.
    Sure, the great part about boys not being allowed means you are allowed to talk about them! But, you are intelligent, modern women-so discuss other things too. No one wants to her about your ex for 4 hours straight.
  1. Decide on the Split First
    Going out for dinner but you're on a tight budget? It’s an awkward one, we know. It's best to say something first, your friends will understand and that way you can agree on a restaurant that suits everyone's budget. If not, you may risk paying $50 for a side of chips and a drink while your friend ordered the prawns!
  1. Don't go Solo
    This is just girl code in general. Accompany your bestie to the bathroom and home if she wants to leave before you do. 


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  1. There's no I in TEAM
    We know squad shots can be hard to master, and who wants to spend half the night getting the perfect one? I mean there’s food porn and epic snapchat stories to share too! But try to make sure any uploads are flattering for everyone; you don’t want to get on anyone’s bad side by posting their bad side. And if someone forgot to fake tan, do them a favour and chuck on a filter!
  1. Be your Friend’s Mirror.
    Fix up their makeup if it’s smudged. Or tell them if they have spinach in their teeth. This is a rule at all times, but even more important when alcohol, photos, and flirting is involved!
  1. Hit the Dance Floor
    If you're friend wants to dance, it's your job to follow. The same goes for their favourite song, you must join her no matter how early on in the night. It’s a girl’s night, you dance - end of story. 

  2. Be an Outfit Advisor 
    The sisterhood is the circle of trust; therefore helping your friend deciding what to wear is a sacred tradition. Choose something that is the most flattering for them, and be sure to compliment them like crazy when they pull it off!

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