It's a dress code that seems fairly self-explanatory, but 'Black Tie' can be so much more than a black full-length dress. Here we show you lots of different ways to interpret this dress code at your next special event, so that when the next invite arrives in the mail you know exactly what to wear. 

Black Tie Dresses | Her Wardrobe


A floor-length gown will guarantee you aren't underdressed at Black Tie event however, that doesn't mean you have to go with the run of the mill black gown. Here are 4 options that show you colour, cut outs and interesting fabrics are a great way to spice up the Black Tie dress code. 

Black Tie Dresses | Her Wardrobe


7/8 & 3/4

Formal dresses that are 7/8 or 3/4 in length are perfect if you are too a little too short to pull off a full length gown. They are also perfect if you are worried a full length gown will be too dressy for the event, but the dress code still stipulates Black Tie or Formal dress. 

Black Tie Dresses | Her Wardrobe

Black Tie Dress Hire


Of course we would never underestimate the power of a beautiful full-length Black Gown worn with the right accessories. 

Black Tie Dresses | Her Wardrobe

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