I regularly bump into people who have never considered hiring a dress. They are worried the process will be too difficult, or they won't order the right size or more often than not they are just so used to buying new things that rental is never at the forefront of their mind. 
I totally get it. I started Her Wardrobe because I myself had bought way too many dresses that I had only ever worn once and it has taken three years to curb my shopping addiction and retrain my brain to think rental first, buy second. 
Here are 4 of the most common misconceptions I hear about renting a dress...
1. Isn't getting to keep it always better?
Think about it. How many times have you worn something once only to let it sit in the back of your wardrobe collecting moth balls. 
We’ve all been there. When you buy a dress and convince yourself that you’ll definitely wear it again. Funnily enough that second event never rolls around... or when it does you immediately think, "I have nothing to wear!" You never reach for that dress you bought only months before - don’t deny it!
Renting takes away all the anxiety of knowing you spent hard earned dollars on a dress you'll only ever wear once.
2. I want something new, not last season. 
Her Wardrobe is constantly updating her collection of dresses with brand new, current season styles from local and international labels. And yes, she also has a selection of dresses that are picked for their timeless features - and whilst a season or two old they often become her most popular rentals.
She stocks dresses in all sizes, selecting styles that never date and remain stylish from season to season. She has the perfect outfit for your next wedding, birthday, race day or family event.
3. Dry Cleaning is a hassle.
Do you consider yourself a bit of a cluts? Wake up and wonder how you managed to get a chocolate smudge on your dress?
You don’t need to worry about this with her dresses, she takes care of everything for you. All orders come with a prepaid return satchel so all you have to do is pop the dress in your local post box. She takes care of the dry cleaning.  And, as long as you are mindful with her clothes and treat them as you would your own, the next customer will be able to enjoy the dress too. 
4. The process is too difficult
Her Wardrobe makes the rental experience as stress free as possible. In fact, many of her customers comment on how much easier it is than going to a shopping centre!
She understands the importance of the perfect fit, that’s why there is personalised sizing information under each product description. She also has a store in Melbourne where you can pop by and try on as many of her dresses as you like. 
When booking online you have the option to choose a delivery date up to 3 months in advance. Your dress will then be delivered on your nominated delivery date in a luxurious gift box with everything you need to know about your rental.
After you've worn your dress, simply pop it back in the pre-paid envelope that is included with every order and post it back. 
It's that simple. 

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