More often than I care to admit, I will find myself frantically searching for a dress I've spotted on a celebrity. I have even been known to pause a television show and peer very closely at the screen to try and make out what shoes an actress is wearing. You could go as far to say that I watched the entire Gossip Girl series in stop-start motion.  

One of the things I love most about Her Wardrobe is that you can actually afford to wear the very same things celebrities are wearing. I often see girls on social media complaining that celebrities are "gifted" everything. Well, I like to think that renting is a little taste of this celebrity treatment. You can wear a $600 dress for a fraction of the price, and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Here we have rounded up our favourite celebrities wearing dresses or millinery available to hire at Her Wardrobe. 

Nikki Phillips wears the Josh Goot 'Shine Grid Dress' and Natalie Bikicki 'Gold Ears' to a Race Day preview. 


Jess of What Would Karl Do wearing a Danica Erard 'Boater Hat' at last year's Spring Racing Carnival. You can rent the look, here. (Image Credit: )

Kate Peck (right) wears Natalie Bikicki's 'Metal Couture Headpiece', which Lana Wilkinson also wore to a Race Day Luncheon (below). 


Lana also wears our Josh Goot 'Cross Back Tank & Split Panel Skirt'. 

Vogue fashion director, Christine Centenera wears the 'Split Wrap Dress' from the same collection. 


Natalie Bassingthwaighte wears the By Johnny 'Transhape Dress' and Ricki Lee wears Viktoria Novak's 'Abracadabra Crown'. 

Jennifer Hawkins wears Yeojin Bae's 'Double Crepe Mini Mali Dress' a new arrival to Her Wardrobe.

And finally, being one of our most popular styles it is no surprise Aurelio Costarella's 'Dauphin Dress' has been spotted on a few celebs this year. 


Rachel Finch first wore the Dauphin Dress to the 2014 Spring Racing Carnival, and Erin Holland was spotted in the dress at the movie premiere of Cinderella. 




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