The first of your girlfriends excitedly announces her engagement on Facebook and you immediately think, "Yes! A lavish wedding we can all get dressed up for!" But before you can even say "I better start saving" another invite arrives in the mail, and then another and another and before you know it you find yourself in the thick of wedding season. A time when your fridge is covered in beautiful invitations and your bank balance suffers as a result.

At Her Wardrobe we regularly have customers lock in three or four dresses at a time so they can be sure they will have something fresh to wear to each wedding. And the best thing about it is the cost of renting three dresses is far less than even buying one! 

Not sure what to wear to each wedding? Here are some suggestions for every reception type...


Winery weddings lend themselves to both smart casual and semi-formal dress codes. If the invite doesn't specify, use the time of day to guide you. If the reception and ceremony are during the day/late afternoon opt for a summery day dress in pastel or warm colours. If the ceremony is going to be held in the evening you might wish to wear something a little more formal such as the Yeojin Bae 'Dasha Dress' or Josh Goot 'Sky Blue Layer Dress'. 




Beach weddings welcome a more relaxed style such as a maxi dress or strapless cocktail dress. You can also play with prints and colours at a beach wedding. (Don't forget if there is going to be a ceremony on the sand you might wish to opt for sandals over heels.)




If the wedding invite notes a Black Tie dress code you may be expected to wear a full length gown, however in most cases a formal cocktail dress such as Aurelio Costarella's 'Rondine Dress' or 'Waterfall Strapless Dress' are the perfect attire for a Black Tie wedding. Just check with the bride if you are unsure! 




If you're off to a beautiful restaurant or function centre for the reception a cocktail dress will put you in good stead. It's important to not get this confused with a party dress! You will look the part if you opt for a longer hemline (to the knee) or a more classic silhouette such as these below. 





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