Christmas Day Dress? She's got you covered.

Wanting to feel chic at the Christmas party? Her Wardrobe has you covered! December is undoubtedly the most expensive month of the year, so it is a great time to save some money where you can and purchase a pre-loved designer dress instead. 

Have you fallen victim to buying a brand new outfit to wear on Christmas Day only for it to end up in the back of your wardrobe never to be worn again? Purchasing a pre-loved designer dresses is a great way to feel amazing without the hefty price tag.

Here we show you what Her team is wearing on Christmas Day and ask them why they think pre-loved designer dresses for Christmas Day is the way to go.

Alex - Founder 

What's your dress hire budget? Preferably under $100 - I end up getting changed into my bathers half way through the day anyway so I don't want to spend too much. 

What dress will you be wearing? We had a customer visit our St Kilda store last week and she rented this dress to wear with a nude wedge. The dress features removable straps and a secret zip to transform into a simple navy mini which can be paired with any flats or shite sneakers. I loved the look so much, I plan on doing the same! This dress is $99 to buy.

What does your Christmas Day look like? My day starts by opening presents under the Christmas tree and then we pop our frocks on for lunch at home. We live near the beach so I like to wear something comfortable and suitable for a walk along the sand after lunch. 

YAY or NAY, Designer buying pre-loved for Christmas Day?: Of course it's a YAY from me. Christmas is such an expensive time, you have often spent all of your money on others so I think buying pre-loved is a simple way to treat yourself. 

Rachel - Stylist 

What's your dress hire budget? Under $100 - I usually buy a dress for a few hundred dollars so I would be thrilled if I only spent $100. 

What dress will you be wearing? I have been eyeing this dress off for so long! It’s super comfortable and I love the detailed patterned fabric. This dress is $99 to buy which is so great considering it retails for $260. 

What does your Christmas Day look like? I fly up to Sydney for Christmas Day and have a BBQ near the beach. I love to be comfortable and wear something that will look great in photos.

YAY or NAY, Pre-loved designer for Christmas Day?: It’s a YAY from me. We take lots of family photos on Christmas Day so I like to wear something new. At this time of the year I can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a dress, so purchasing pre-loved designer suits me perfectly.

Eden - E-commerce Manager 

What's your dress hire budget? Under $150. I cant justify paying full price for a dress this year, i went overboard on buying presents. 

What dress will you be wearing? This dress is just so comfortable! The fabric is SO stretchy and soft and I can’t go past the vibrant yellow colour, i know i'd be able to wear it to many summer events following Christmas.

What does your Christmas Day look like? Christmas Day for me looks like an afternoon outside eating Christmas Ham and Plum Pudding. We always finish the day with some kind of exercise whether it is shooting some hoops or going for a walk around the block so I need my Christmas Day dress to be nice and comfy! 

YAY or NAY, Pre-loved designer for Christmas Day?: A huge YAY from me. Knowing how much i spend on presents for others makes me feel guilty about completely indulging on myself. Also, i know this dress can be versatile for many summer events and super comfortable so i will wear it again and again. 

Christmas is very quickly approaching so we recommend securing your Christmas Day dress sooner rather than later. If you need help selecting a style or size her team are always here to help. Feel free to email anytime at



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