Dresses Have No Age - Why We Need To Stop Worrying & Just Wear What We Love

At Her Wardrobe, our customers often exclaim, "Oh no, I can't wear that, it's too young for me!" or "I love that, but I think it's too mature for me". The thing is, I'll let you in on a little secret - a dress that one person may think is young can be the same dress another thinks is better suited to an older person. Because of that we always encourage you to wear whatever it is you feel most comfortable in! 


Ok so this isn't ALWAYS true, but you'd be surprised how often the same dress is viewed as the complete opposite by two different women. It goes to show just how unique our individual styles are and that we all view clothes differently. 

For example, the Lola Dress (L) is often called sexy for its above-knee length and deep split at the front. Simultaneously, the Isles Midi Dress (R) is also described as sexy as it is a slimming fit that hugs your curves in all the right places. 

Sexy can be dresses that have shorter lengths, deep front plunges, open backs or cut outs, but those characteristics can also be described as playful and fun. Sometimes the fabric itself can make someone feel sexy - whether it be a silky fabric or a firmer fabric that hugs the figure. Sexy might also mean different things to women of different ages. It's great to be open to dresses that are different from what you normally look for.


"Age appropriateness" is another factor women always talk about when they visit Her Wardrobe, but what we have found is that what one person thinks is too young for them, another thinks is too old - and this occurs with many different dresses!. Simultaneously, sometimes women want a dress that makes them feel more mature or younger. Here are some of Her picks for achieving different looks. But remember, don't let your age restrict what you wear.

Bright colours and bold patterns are a great way to represent youthfulness and dresses from Elliatt, Nicholas and Talulah are a great choice if trying to achieve this look.


From L-R:

Elliatt's new Tudor Dress is fun with its animal print and light fabric that floats around the body.

The Seta Jumpsuit by Nicholas is fresh, bright and provides great movement without fear of a Marilyn Monroe moment. It also has pockets which is always a bonus in my books!

Talulah's Jasmine Vines Mini Dress is super playful with its short length and soft pattern. It's cut from a sturdy fabric that provides good coverage.

Finally, another Talulah favourite, the Cannes Midi Dress is a fun, bright and breezy option great for so many different occasions.

Sometimes we want to exude a more mature look. Whether it is to showcase maturity or for a more conservative event, you can't go past Catherine Deane, Rebecca Vallance and Pasduchas.


This new Rebecca Vallance dress is perfect for a mature look that has a hint of glitz and calm to it. Cut from a light fabric with a slimming waist tie, the Rivero Long Sleeve Midi will be comfortable all night long.

Catherine Deane's Noret Midi Dress is cut from classic colours that you wouldn't think went together until you see them here. Perfect for cocktail event, wedding or black tie, it's a great balance of fun and sophisticated - perfect for a mature look.

Anthea Crawford has created a fantastic dress with the Regal Twill Bow Dress. A stunning royal blue/purple colour, you really will feel like royalty when you step into this dress. The shoulder bow is detachable if you're not a fan of the shoulder bow trend, making it super versatile. 

Another popular Catherine Deane at Her Wardrobe is the Nyree Midi Dress. Cut from a gorgeous lace, it exudes character and class. Paired with nude accessories, this dress becomes very sophisticated.

Pasduchas is known for its comfy fabrics and the Fantasia Waterfall Midi is no exception. With a knee spilt and in a deep green colour, it's a personal favourite of mine. Dressed up with gold accessories to accentuate the gold buckle it makes for a mature yet modern look. 

All the above dresses are comfortable to wear, look amazing on and can really represent different looks depending on where you're going and what you're looking to showcase. What is important to remember however, is that any woman of any age can wear them and feel fantastic - so don't lock yourself in or out of any of these styles!


Whilst the featured dresses lend themselves to certain looks, ultimately She wants you to focus on what you feel good in and what makes you feel like you. All the above dresses can be accessorised differently to suit your style, look and age. At Her Wardrobe, we champion individual style and want to help you find something that you love - without any limitations, so next time your browsing through our collection online (which is all available to buy), why not try something a bit different? As always, if you need some styling advice or tips, feel free to email us at confessions@herwardrobe.com.au and we can't wait to see you back in store as soon as is safe to do so!


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