Creator of 'The World's Most Expensive Hat' Natalie Bikicki is one of Australia's most revered milliners. We were so excited when we got to share some of her pieces with you last year, and when Natalie reached out to us this season we did not hesitate to add her new range to our collection. 

Natalie Bikick 'Crown of Roses'
Natalie Bikicki 'Black Rose Crown' RENT MILLINERY HERE

We asked Natalie a few questions in a bid to shine a light on her unique creations and help you get to know the designer behind our wonderful collection. 

You are well known for your amazing use of metal in millinery. What inspired you to start working with this material?

"I wanted to use something very different, something you wouldn't normally see in millinery - and make it feminine, metal doesn't normally conjure images of pretty, delicate headpieces - so that was my inspiration and challenge with using it as a signature material."

Of all your beautiful creations do you have a favourite? 

It's a difficult choice! But one of my favourites is Latex Origami Horns, it's a dramatic piece, the V shape overlaid with geometric lace, sharp sleek, Latex flowers and leather horns - it makes a statement and it's a confident woman who selects it, which I love! 
Natalie Bikicki Millinery
'Latex Origami Horns'  | Visit for enquiries. 


This year Her Wardrobe will be stocking a handful of your beautiful creations for our customers to hire. What excites you about this?

It's a great option for ladies to have beautiful bespoke millinery paired with gorgeous designer dresses - to be able to look stunning at the races, without the expense that's normally incurred. 

Natalie Bikicki Millinery Natalie Bikicki 'Ivory Leaves' RENT MILLINERY HERE

This year we have added eight brand new pieces from Natalie's collection to Her Wardrobe. One of the biggest reasons I started Her Wardrobe is that I love introducing women to beautiful brands that they may have otherwise never had the opportunity to wear. Natalie Bikicki is just one of the fantastic milliners we are working with this year to show you that a beautiful handmade hat or headpiece will outshine any imitation come Race Day. And above all you will feel a million bucks without having blown the budget. 

Happy Renting! X 

Natalie Bikicki Millinery
Natalie Bikicki 'Blush Leaves' RENT IT HERE

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