This year one of our favourite milliner's Viktoria Novak celebrates a decade in the business. Now a household name, we were excited to sit down with Viktoria and find out where her journey all began. 

We asked Viktoria a few questions in a bid to shine a light on her unique creations and help you get to know the designer behind our wonderful collection. 

This year you are celebrating 10 Years of Viktoria Novak. Had you always dabbled in the creative world or was September, 2006 the first time you sat down and designed a headpiece? What had inspired you to become a milliner? 

"Before launching Viktoria Novak in 2006, I was an interior designer, but I never really clicked with it, so I decided to study fashion design. During my studies I focused a lot on costume design, I thought that would be an interesting field of work to get into. During my studies, I forgot to select my elective choice and basically millinery was the only class available, so I got placed into that class.  The first day I remember the teacher poured a pile of junk on the table. The brief was simple, make a headpiece. I came up with a headpiece in the shape of the Sydney Opera House, which is very symbolic of Australia. I just thought that building evokes happiness and home and then I had this explosion of yellow butterflies coming out, signifying rebirth.  Anyway it was submitted for an award, and the design won.  As part of the prize, I won materials for millinery and all these tools arrived and I had no idea how to use them. The teacher started teaching me traditional methods, and I kept going with it.  I was then approached by a few boutiques in Canberra who wanted to stock some of my designs and that was huge. That was where Viktoria Novak began."


Of the ten years of beautiful creations do you have a favourite? 

"Oh I have so many favourite designs, it is honestly so hard to pick just one.  I have may bridal world which is my elegant, timeless and feminine side, and then my race wear world which is more contemporary and somewhat edgy.  I have seen millinery change so much throughout my 10 years. I started with fascinators and hatinators (think lots of feathers and sinamay), then the 1920’s made a big comeback around  2013. Today when we talk about millinery, crowns instantly come to mind for so many racegoers and I have explored with so many materials such as metals, brass, leather, pearls and jewels.  If I had to pick a few favourites, one very iconic crown is my signature “All Spectrum” design and my “Judith” 1920’s headpiece, which definitely remains a classic beauty."  

Viktoria Novak 'All Spectrum' | Visit for enquiries. 

This year Her Wardrobe will be stocking a handful of your beautiful creations for customer to hire. What excites you about this concept?

"Well firstly it is always an honour to work with like-minded and passionate businesswomen.  Having a beautiful range of designs available via Her Wardrobe has allowed racegoers to enjoy a different style of millinery, pieces that are more wearable, somewhat understated and timeless. It’s exciting to also see racegoers enjoy and embrace the change in millinery, and having Her Wardrobe embrace the change is only encouraging more women to enjoy wearing millinery to race days."

Viktoria Novak 'Gilly'
Viktoria Novak 'Gilly- White' RENT MILLINERY NOW

This year we have added a great range of new pieces from Viktoria's collection to Her Wardrobe. One of the biggest reasons I started Her Wardrobe is that I love introducing women to beautiful brands that they may have otherwise never had the opportunity to wear. Viktoria Novak is just one of the fantastic milliners we are working with this year to show you that a beautiful handmade headpiece will outshine any imitation come Race Day. And above all you will feel a million bucks without having blown the budget. 
Happy Renting! X 
Viktoria Novak 'Middleton Silver' RENT IT NOW

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