She knows a glowing tan goes hand-in-hand with a great night out. And despite it being a bit of a "taboo" subject when it comes to renting dresses, we thought the best way to find out exactly what you should/shouldn't be doing when it comes to fake tan was to speak to an expert! 

Tahlia, the founder of one of Australia's only certified organic spray tanning businesses, TANme had a chat to us this month and shared some great tips on how to make your tan (and dress) last. 


Tahlia, tell us about TANme and why you chose to start your own mobile spray tanning business?
"I was never blessed with olive skin and like many of my pale partners out there I completely roast in the sun. So, I turned to spray tanning as a healthy alternative of achieving a sun-kissed glow minus the sun damage. When I fell pregnant, I wanted to find a non-toxic, safe tanning spray that I knew would be safe for me and my baby, and there wasn’t much out there. That’s how TANme was born.

I wanted my business to be mobile to suit the needs of different women. TANme offers spray tans in the privacy of your own home, with flexible after-hours appointments to suit those that work full-time as well.

It takes 15-20 minutes to be sprayed and we arrive fully equipped with a pop up tan booth leaving your home mess-free!"

The tanning product you use at TANme is called Eco Tan and it is the only company to have its organic ingredients certified by the Organic Food Chain - why did you go after an organic solution?
"Whilst I was pregnant I searched for a non-toxic organic tan, which had a great colour. It was never even an option for me to use chemical ridden fake tans, or self-tanning lotions and spray tans that can leave an unpleasant fake tan smell! I found Eco Tan, which is the ONLY Australian tanning company to use 100% organic ingredients. Certified by the Organic Food Chain, Eco Tan is a completely natural sunless tanning and skin care range, with no hidden nasties. It’s so gentle, and can be safely used while pregnant and breastfeeding."

Tahlia’s Tip: Not all “organic” products are made equal. When selecting tanning and beauty products, be sure to check the ingredients on the label. A product may claim to contain an organic ingredient but then add a number of synthetics. Look for a recognised industry certification logos.


Who can benefit most from using an organic spray tan solution?
"Anyone who wants to have a healthy tan (without extensive sun exposure or chemical tanning solutions) and doesn’t want that tan to come at the price of the environment or animals, Eco Tan contains;

NO SYNTHETICS – Organic ingredients are grown and manufactured without using synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, animal derivatives or GMO’s and is certified by the Organic Food Chain;

And Eco Tan is SUSTAINABLE – Organic production reduces our dependence on non-renewable resources. It keeps harmful chemicals out of the environment, promoting healthy soil, crops and animals. The tanning and body products are vegan, while the sunscreen range is vegetarian; this is due to a small amount of beeswax in the products, which acts as a natural water resistant."

Is there anything we should be doing to prepare our skin before a spray tan? 

"Absolutely! For the best results and to maintain the longest lasting tan that your skin will allow you to have, you need to prep your skin properly prior to the tan and maintain proper aftercare as well. The longevity of a spray tan will vary slightly from person to person depending on the health of your skin.

I recommend prior to a tan that you…
 - Shave the day before your spray tan

 - Prepare the skin by exfoliating your skin 1-2 days before

 - Ensure that you moisturise the evening before your tan and that you are using a lot more moisturiser than you would normally consume on a standard day particularly concentrating on those areas where your skin may be dryer, such as your shins, knees, elbows etc.

 - The most important thing to do prior to a spray tan is to make sure that there are NO body products on your skin on the day of your tan. This means no make-up, no moisturiser, no deodorant, no perfume… and avoid having a shower within three hours of your spray tan appointment where possible

 - Wear loose clothing after your spray tan"


What is your Number 1 tip for making a tan last longer?

"MOISTURISE… moisturise, moisturise & drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated."

What's the best way to avoid your spray tan staining a dress?

"If possible spray tan two days prior to an event to ensure all bronzers have been washed off and shower at least twice before you get into your dress – especially if you’re wearing white."

Should you request a darker/lighter tan dependent on the colour of your

"The colour of the outfit you are wearing to your special event is very important in determining the tone and depth of the colour of your spray tan. If your outfit is a darker colour, I would recommend a light to medium tan. If your outfit is a lighter colour, then I would recommend the colour can be anywhere from medium to dark (depending on your skin tone) to contrast the colour.

Black is about the only colour where you can get away with a lighter or darker tan, again depending on your skin tone."

Aside from the perfect tan, what do you think the next best accessory is
for a night out?

"A great clutch … that carries my phone, keys & lipstick!"

Which two dresses would you most love to steal out of Her Wardrobe?

I absolutely love;

       Thurley 'Sonnet Strapless Dress'        Lover 'Harmony Cut Out Midi Dress'

You can find out more about Tahlia's services here > http://tanme.com.au/



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