With weddings an all year round feature in the calendar, we thought we'd round up our five most popular dresses (of all time!) so that when the next invite arrives in the mail you know exactly what to wear. 

With more and more weddings calling for a Black Tie dress code, the Bronx & Banco 'Navy Tulip Dress' has become the most popular choice for wedding guest attire. Not only will this off-shoulder style ensure you are suitably dressed for the occasion but it is also really comfortable to wear, making it a no brainer for a full day affair. 

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While some people are hesitant about wearing red to a wedding, the Nicholas 'Floral Lace Rouleau Dress' is our second most popular rental, proving it is absolutely a-okay to sport this bright, bold colour. 

Nicholas 'Floral Lace Rouleau Dress' | Sz 6-12 >


Coming in at number 3, Thurley's 'Fiesta Dress' is the perfect frock to carry you from a daytime ceremony to evening reception. It can be dressed up or down with accessories and is comfortable to wear in both warm and cool weather. 


The Alexis 'Delila Dress' is the quintessential wedding guest dress. Formal enough that you won't look out of place, but subtle enough that you won't dress up the bride! The bright blue is also unlikely to match the bridesmaids ensuring you don't blend in with the bridal party accidentally.  

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Unsure just how formal the wedding will be? The Thurley 'Sonnet Strapless Dress' is elegant and sophisticated without being too overtly dressy - this makes it easy to wear to a cocktail or black tie reception, and anything in between. The thick fabric and long sleeves provide great coverage and warmth in the cooler months. 

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And whilst Thurley's 'Nightfall Lace Dress' has only been in Her Wardrobe for a couple of weeks it is already proving a popular choice for Winter Weddings! 


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