Expectant mums often ask our stylists what they would recommend from our dress collection for upcoming events. It can be tricky to pick exactly what will suit your rapidly changing body and so, here are some of our favourites for each phase of your pregnancy. Including those dresses we would recommend for the months following the birth. 


Lots of expectant mothers will ask us to recommend a dress that will help conceal their baby bump. Most of the time this is because they have only just found out they are pregnant or it can also be because their stomachs haven't quite popped yet.

Here are our top picks for keeping your secret safe:

GET THEM HERE: Sweet Talk Midi Dress, Halcyon Set, High Neck Gown & Bellagio Dress - Gold


If your baby bump is well and truly visible, then we think the best thing to do is show it off! Here are dresses that will flatter your new body shape and also ensure you are comfortable over the course of the evening. Many expectant mothers find they are bigger by the end of the day than they were at the beginning so these dresses will move with you.

GET THEM HERE: Flourish Classic Midi,  Mediterranean Mix MidiHorizon Ruche Midi


Feeling as though you might pop any minute now? Labels like Scanlan Theodore & Pasduchas are your best friend. These styles offer lots of stretch so you will be able to fit your growing belly in and still make the cut for best-dressed in the room.

GET THEM HERE: Crepe Knit Ruffle Dress, Crepe Knit Tinsel Ruffle DressStella Midi & Crepe Knit Milano Dress


We've had many pregnant women wear and LOVE our pregnancy-friendly suggestions! Here are just some of Her gorgeous customers looking and feeling amazing.

GET IT HERE: Mediterranean Minx Midi 

 GET IT HERE: Stella Midi

GET IT HERE: Mrs Carter Midi & Mrs Carter Gown


Dressing for events in the months after giving birth can be just as tricky as during your pregnancy. Many of our new mums look for outfits that will provide some coverage across the stomach and are breastfeeding friendly. These are our top picks!

 GET THEM HERE: Dynasty Waterfall Midi, Blossom Flounce Midi, Fantasia Waterfall Midi & Covet Midi Dress

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