The 'Twinning' Trend

She knows you can't wait to hit the town in style with your bestie after what has been a very slow start to 2020! Already starting to make a list of places to visit? Restaurants to try? And, outfits to wear?

Well, why not try the iconic trend of 'twinning' and make a bold statement with your best friend. Although the concept has been around forever, the 'twinning' trend was re-birthed by Kylie Jenner when she took to instagram to show the world how close knit and stylish her closest friendships are. As seen in the below looks from Kylie Jenner and Anastasia (Stassi) Karanikolau, they have been hitting the streets of Los Angeles in these chic and cohesive looks.


Want to give the 'twinning' trend a whirl, but on a much more modest budget than Kylie Jenner? Here are some of her favourite 'twinning' options available to buy, and all at super affordable prices. 

The purple Rebecca Vallance Dahlia Mini Dress and the Yellow Rebecca Vallance Zinnia Mini Dress are both only $99 to Buy and are the perfect cohesive mini options to show some leg with your bestie and feel cute all night long. Both can be styled with black or nude accessories to finish the look. 

For a more chic approach suited to a formal occasion the Brand New Bianca and Bridgett Arielle Dress - Emerald ($320) and the Lucy Dress - Gold ($320) are a guaranteed instagram worthy moment. They will have you and your bestie feeling luxurious from the second you step into it. 

If boho is more your style, she knows you will adore the Nicholas Danielle Dress - Green and Danielle Dress - Yellow ($399). These flowy and detailed midi dresses are both super comfortable options for lunches, family events, or picnics which are all occasions we can now indulge in yet again. Styled with simple nude accessories or a light wedge you are sure to feel bright and feminine. 

If making a statement is the aim of the game, she has you covered with Rebecca Vallance's luxurious and stand out metallic options. The Rebecca Vallance Bellagio Dress ($399), Rivero Long Sleeve Midi ($829) and Belladonna Long Sleeve Midi ($829) are definite statement pieces sure to reel in the compliments and confidence. With 3 colour ways you can even include a third girlfriend in the mix. 


Lastly, if a shapely dress is what you are both after she knows you will adore the Pasduchas Dynasty Waterfall Midi - Pink ($129) and the Dynasty Waterfall Midi - Black ($129). These dresses are suited to a curvy figure, using the chic belt to cinch in your waist and accentuate your most flattering features. 

These are just 5 different styles you could use for the 'twinning trend', but of course she has many more matching looks on her website and in her St Kilda Store. Feel free to visit us, give us a call or email to enquire about any of the above styles. 



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