What to wear to a Winter Wedding

It can be even harder to decide what to wear to your best friend's wedding when the weather cools down. Are long sleeves a must? Should brighter colours be sent to the sidelines, while deep rich hues reign supreme? Or does it not really matter at all, and should we just relish the opportunity to wear a great dress? Here we show you her top picks for Winter Weddings, and tick off all the key dress codes so you won't have to look any further. 


From [L to R]  Bellagio Dress, Dallas Wrap Midi, Blossom Mini, Constellation Midi 

Classic Cocktail

From [L to R] Harlow Dress, Bustier Perforated Dress, Dynasty Waterfall Midi, Zenith Midi

Winter Black Tie 

From [L to R] Claire Gown, Angelina Dress, Harlow Bow Gown, Slip Gown w/ Fur Shrug

Winery Wedding

From [L to R] Flourish Midi, Mrs Carter Midi, Liberty Splice Midi, Horizon Ruche Midi

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