Your Summer Wedding Guide

As we enter one of the busiest times of year for couples to say 'I Do', the age old problem of a "closet full of clothes and nothing to wear" is amplified. As a wedding guest you are challenged with finding a dress that ticks all of the boxes.

Of course in Summer, you can often be looking to tick all of these boxes in a dress that will keep you cool on a 30 + degree day. Here are out top picks for every dress code;



If the wedding is being hosted in an outdoor setting, opt for a shorter hemline and lightweight fabrics such as silk or lace. Bright colours are also perfectly acceptable for a daytime wedding. If the wedding is being hosted at a garden or beach you might opt to wear wedges over stilettos for a more comfortable day.


You will often find 'Smart Casual' as the dress code of choice on wedding invites. The most ambiguous and confusing of them all, 'Smart Casual' really falls somewhere in between a Day Dress (above) and Cocktail Dress (below). To help customers determine what to wear I will often ask what time the wedding is going to be set. If the ceremony is scheduled for the afternoon but the reception will carry into the evening you want something that isn't 'too dressy' for daytime, but classy enough to wear during the evening. The four dresses below are perfect for this! 

If the ceremony and reception will occur for the most part during the day a slightly more casual day dress (as per those above) will suit best. 

Often the venue will also help to determine the dress code. For example the four dresses below and the four dresses above are perfect for a winery wedding. While, you may wish to move into the Cocktail or Formal dress options for a wedding set at a restaurant or indoor event space. 


The cocktail dress code calls for the quintessential party dress. A hemline on or just above the knee is completely acceptable - as is a midi length dress. 


Formal or "Semi-Formal" is essentially a scaled back version of Black Tie. Midi-length dresses are perfect for this dress code, and you should look to wear something that oozes sophistication. 


Traditionally Black Tie has been synonymous with full-length gowns. While these are definitely the safest option, a special cocktail dress such as the Aurelio Costarella 'Wintergarden Rondine Dress' pictured below will also translate really well to a Black Tie affair. If you're unsure just check with the bride or other guests and find out what dress length they are wearing. 

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