Alex - her wardrobe founder

"I love dressing up. There is nothing better than heading out the front door knowing you’re rocking a killer outfit. But, I was sick of being broke."

I had invested the equivalent of a first home deposit on clothes - NO JOKE.

This inspired me to build a business that would celebrate high end designers and empower women to dress in the latest fashions (while still being able to afford to pay their rent!)

Her Wardrobe has quickly become a destination for every girl who has ever wanted to borrow something out of “Her” Wardrobe. A haven for clever women, who know it’s no longer necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on every outfit.

Her Wardrobe is for women who value experiences over their wardrobes and delight in the opportunity to wear a new designer dress at every event, without having to forego their financial security.

Her Wardrobe is Fashion Forward Thinking.


I own 46 dresses, which I have only ever worn once, and 2 that I have never worn at all.

These purchases alone could have funded a round the world trip four times over.

My shoe collection gives Carrie a run for her money.

For years I purchased items of clothing when I couldn't really afford them, resulting in maxed out credit cards, waves of guilt and the occasional frantic rush back to the store to return them. 


Her Wardrobe began as the obvious solution to every girl's problem: a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

I first sketched the idea for a designer dress rental business in 2009 when I was studying a Fashion Business course in Melbourne. It took a few years to build up the courage/experience/self-belief to actually start my own business, before failing terribly at my first attempt. (More on that hiccup here.) Of course it wasn’t too long before I dusted myself off and tried again, and with that Her Wardrobe was born.


"You can have everything you want in life if you dress for it."

I love introducing customers to designer brands they have never worn before. I love seeing you in her dresses at weddings, birthdays, graduations and race days. And most of all I love when customers return their dress full to the brim with compliments from everyone who saw them in it. 

It is my dream for Her Wardrobe to become a little part of every woman’s wardrobe in Australia. I want Her Wardrobe to stand up there with the best online retailers in Australia, whilst always offering a unique shopping experience that suits your lifestyle.


Since launching in 2014, Her Wardrobe has grown from a handful of dresses in my spare bedroom to a catalogue of over 2000 designer dresses and accessories available to rent Australia-wide. 

In 2017, we opened our first retail store in St Kilda, Victoria and have absolutely relished the opportunity to style Melbourne customers face to face. 

In 2019, we are excited to be launching a brand new booking system which will allow you to add a back up size or style to every order. Stay tuned! 


Eden joined Her Wardrobe as our eCommerce manager (and my right-hand woman) in 2017. Together with a team of fantastic stylists we strive to guarantee every single one of our customers a unique, genuine and affordable shopping experience. 

And when we're not playing dress-ups with women around Australia, there's a good chance you'll find us swapping restaurant recommendations over brunch.